AIC Inside Consultant Team

Technical Team

Technical Team

Our adept Technical Team leverages advanced expertise to cultivate an optimal project ecosystem. Proficient in study design, timeline scheduling, and resource coordination, they adeptly address technical challenges.

Market Team

Market Team

Our accomplished research team, boasting an average academic experience of over a decade, features esteemed Principal Investigators (PIs), seasoned scientists, technical experts, and research fellows. Collaborating seamlessly with our external network, we are committed to achieving project excellence.

Research Team

Distinguished Research Team

Our research team is composed of multi-level researchers, averaged academic age of +10 year, including principle investigators (PIs), senior scientists, technical scientists, and research fellows. The inside AIC research team, together with the outside collaborators network, will work with you both synchronous and asynchronous towards the success of your projects.

AIC US and China Collaboration Networks

Besides our inside teams, we have a large outside research collaborators network, which are mainly composed of research scientists and principle investigators form US and China.

AIC teams to you:

Come and Joint us! We treasure every piece of your contribution that makes us more powerful and fruitful in the world of Science!