Here are our Service Items and Service Workflow

Service Items and Workflow


AIC services items


Data Collection and acquisition

We believe most research works need data to test hypothesis, evaluate algorithms, or validate their findings. In most cases the acquisition of the data needed is costly. And now we are here to help. Through multi-type collaboration, we will provide you the sources of data to fulfill your needs--less costly and high quality is granted! Example data including fMRI, FISH, M-FISH, Gene expression, SNP, NGS, and EEG data.

data images

Data analysis and software support

Once you have the data, you may need state-in-art algorithms and software for the analysis of the data in hand. While, we can also help in the case. Our inside research team and outside academic collaborators are all professionals in their specific areas, with skills of novelty and efficiency for the data analysis. Recommanded softwares and tools including: Python, Matlab, AFNI, R, SAS, C++, Pathway Studio, and Plink, FASTQ, etc.

Data Analysis Tools

Data sharing and data exchange

This is an era of big data. Conclusions based on small data sets are always susceptive to the criticism like biased viewpoints. In addition, it's always good to validate your findings with an independent data set. Again, we are here for help. Please believe us, that no matter what topic you are on, you are not doing it alone. You can count on AIC to find you peer researchers in the field, willing to cooperate in the form of data sharing and exchange. We will provide professional scientific evaluation of the data from both parties to ensure a fair, reasonable and safe collaboration


         Data exchange

English writing and enrichment analysis

Scientific paper publication is the final and yet the most important step in a research circle. A well written paper not only helps in selling itself to a high qualified journal, but facilitates readers the understanding of the significance of your work. Besides English polish, grammar correction, as were provided by other paper writing services, we also provide scientific technical supports, including literature review, data mining and enrichment analysis. Through data mining and enrichment analysis, we find supports for your conclusions which is necessary and important for a solid and convincing paper. Related softwares and tools: Pathway Studio (Elsevier Inc.), Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (Ingenuity).

                  Enrichment analysis-- pathway

Academic exchanges and overseas educational consultant

Need opportunity for academic exchange and abroad study? We make efforts to find you positions in high reputational universities and research institutes. We provide professional information consultancy, as well as paperwork related services



Service Workflow:

Service Workflow


Order review

In this stage, your order is reviewed by our market and research team; requirement evaluation will be done and a review report will be generated accordingly. An acceptance/rejection decision letter will be sent back to you in a timely manner

Team assignment

According to the content of the order, a AIC team will be assigned to work with you, who will be in charge of the whole workflow of your order processing

Down payment

A non-refundable 20% Down payment is need to start the order processing, which will be stated in the following 'Contract signature' step

Contract signature

Before official start of the order, a contract will be drafted and signed by both AIC and the client

Order processing

Once the contract is signed, the AIC team will work with you both synchronously and asynchronously towards the targets of your order

Order finish

This is the final stage, where your order is finished or terminated by you. If finished, full payment will be made for the order


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